Sunday, January 22, 2017

Relieving oneself of fear...and freeing up your power for living in today's world

This, if you watch these all, could be a significant "mini-workshop" that will improve your life....

When we're afraid, the fear response shuts down several parts of us.  Unfortunately, it shuts down our prefrontal cortex (higher brain).  And in doing so, it shuts down our power.  Another way it has been said is that "we give away our power to fear itself".

We want to be powerful so that we can create what we want and not just stay stuck in the fear or "against" mode.  We want to feel better and that is what the following fear exercise was about.  Regardless of which side you are on, this has value for every one, methinks.

In our power, we can be part of the solution.  (Gandhi: "Be the change you want.")

I'm Afraid Of Trump - The Work Of Byron Katie  (Video, 37:25) - This was quite touching "release" from fear.

And here are a couple of interesting perspectives to possibly consider.  (We might even follow Stephen Covey's advice in The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People:  "Seek first to understand, and then to be understood."

How To Have Better Political Conversations - TedTalk (Video, 12:01) - The forces that divide and unite us...what we really most want, the great conclusion of this talk.

When Your Beliefs Are Being Challenged  (TedTalk playlist)
I think what we all want is to bring people together, to produce the best that we can, while refraining from doing any harm...

At least watch the first one:  Take The "Other" To Lunch (11:01)

Rumi: "Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there."

May "The Force" be with you, for creating something greater in relationships... and in solutions!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Don't miss the express train, or your life will be on the slow train...

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I sometimes find myself looking up after two hours of fiddling around with emails and articles in the morning.

And then I realize that I missed the express train to where I really want to go.  If there is another express train left in me, I grab the next one, but I get only half as far in the time left...

And, so goes life if we keep on letting this happen.

This idea is recognized as one of the most powerful of all but it seems to have been lost in the fabric of life, almost trivialized.

The idea is to use your most powerful, alert, high thinking power times to create more of what is truly valuable in life.  And that usually occurs first thing (after a brief warmup perhaps) in the morning.


And you've heard it before many times.

But, perhaps, maybe, hopefully, this time you'll realize the importance of getting on the express train as early as possible so that you get as far as possible in life - toward your dreams, toward your actually building the person you want to be (the one who is strong, integrous, a master of life).and learning how not to continue to operate off of self sabotaging habits (like allowing anxiety to rule much of your life! Or keeping any bad beliefs...).

The express train only runs for about 3 to 4 or 5 hours a day.  After those hours, there is no express train and you're going to have to just go the slow train to where you want to go (and of course lose the time you could have spent having fun or whatever you enjoy most).

Not catching the express train as early as possible costs you a great deal of your life.  It is not simple arithmetic, as it actually compounds.  If a person "grows", he/she grows such that the rest of life's growth is accelerated - that means it grows at a faster rate, on an ever rising curve.

Read Investing Your Gold...and follow any links...and make sure you implement this in your life, as it will dramatically impact your life and make it the golden life it can be!



Another way of looking at it, might be to look at it as if you worked in New York City.  Not even considering the speed of the train, if you missed the first train because of your dilly dallying, you would get to work 2 hours later and be automatically behind, so you'd rush, operate in a form of fear that causes you to be less able to think.  Your energy clock would be winding down, so you'd get less done even if you stayed at work another two hours after normal quitting time.  And you'd probably get stuck in never having time to plan or to hone your skills and learn, which are all best done when you are the sharpest and your mind is working the best.  You'd lose confidence over time and be even more prone to anxiety and not feeling so good. (And you'd probably take away from the time you could have spent with your family, which, too often, seems to be expendable and displaceable.


Intelligence is the "natural" ability to learn or understand or deal with new or trying situations AND "the skilled use of reason" and "the ability to apply knowledge" in such a way as to create something better. (Actually, it can be developed, by practicing the steps in Effective Thinking.  And if a highly intelligent person does not learn "effective thinking" he will not be able to use his great potential, and it will go unapplied to life, wasting much of it)

Of course, natural ability if not used regularly and its application practiced, will not get you far in life.

We have seen example after example where high intelligence gets some people nowhere.  And, per some studies, if one languishes, the highly intelligent are just more able to devise "reasons why not" (i.e. excuses, justifications...) and are thus able to do a better job of keeping themselves stuck.

If one seldom applies and exercises that intelligence, one will not benefit much from it.

If one gets stuck in a disabling rut, one can get into being a "nerd" (smart in a few things, but not in life and in perspective) who bumbles along in life or in a concept of self that has one in a constant state of anxiety (which, from evolution, causes one's brain to shut down, at least to some extent, so that he can't use his intelligence!!).  The nerd has to have the good fortune to run across something that causes him to want to learn life and to do it in a systematic way.  The anxious one needs to be fortunate enough to have an "intervention" that he takes seriously such that he is motivated to seek to learn emotional intelligence and how to alter his beliefs to align with reality - here he is, a very intelligent person, but stuck in an unexamined irreality!!!!  A true tragedy of life!!! (People who live lives that are unexamined will be burdened with false beliefs that will hinder their lives ongoingly.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Are you living in the quadrant of the harried or the treadmiller or the distracted - or in the powerfulness quadrant?

It occurred to me to diagram the "quadrants" of life in a more meaningful and "applicatable" manner, so that you could shift your life to the quadrant of life that is the most life beneficial, the one that leads to true happiness and to a truly great life.  It looks to me that this is the only way to get to that level of living life.  If you are not familiar with Stephen Covey's classic The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, you might want to look at the summary page: The Four Quadrants.

This is the link to the "upgraded" version that I think is more useful for you to break through to the higher levels of living life:  Living In The 5 "Quadrants" Of Quadrant II - Expanding Quadrant II For More Life Value Productivity.

Which "quadrants" does your time spent fall into?

The choices you have for living fall into four basic quadrants, which you get to choose from.  What % of your life are you being in these quadrants of life? (See the diagram to see what is in those quadrants, opening this in a separate window so that you can see both pages.)

___ I:    The Harried - Low control/low results, stressed, pressured
___ III.  The Treadmiller - Low value actions (unimportant but "urgent")
___ IV.  The Distracted - Actions that are not of import and not really urgent
___ II.   The Life Powerful - Building life power, harvesting life fully

Where are you on "the spectrum"?

You might also want to indicate your present location on the spectrum from little power to full "life powerfulness" and truly living a higher, richer life (you might instead use the full spectrum copy on the diagram page):
            |           ....................         |
       Weak                                     Powerful
   Procrastinator                           Confident
      Anxiety                             Emotionally strong
   Fear, doubt                                 Fulfilled

What do I do next?

Just follow the instructions on the diagram page!

Bon voyage!  Have an excellent, excellent journey to your greatest life!!



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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Are there actual "allies" in The Life Management Alliance? Here's one...

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Is there an actual Life Management Alliance?

Not yet, per se.

Unless you look at it from a different viewpoint, that I am the one choosing to align with the best resources I find, in order to help the users of the site learn and develop the capabilities that are needed to create a great life.

To that end, here is one site I would choose to ally with, with its slogan, which I totally support:

"Farnam Street helps you make better decisions, innovate, and avoid stupidity."

Though this site is oriented toward those who might be in business and/or a profession, I think the value of it is, indeed, in teaching all persons how to learn better, how to think better, how to make better decisions, and how to manage life better.

It is, I think, about acquiring practical life wisdom.  "Practical" refers to gaining results in real life, results that actually show up in terms of one's own happiness and in one's impact on others in the world (on the world).  The ability to run one's life with the wisdom that will create the very best life is what it is about.

Even for those who aren't really interested in "going deep" into wisdom thinking, I recommend that you at least scan the email to get the idea of the post - and to possibly discover some things you might actually care to follow up on, just for personal reasons.

In most cases, I've discovered, it is virtually useless, and too random and unsystematic, to be notified by email of new information that is not specifically on what I am working/focusing on.  So I send most of them automatically (without me screening them or reading them first) to a category of emails that I can read when I am focusing on something related to the category.  However, I recommend that you get the Farnam Street Blog newsletter directly for your reading that day - as it stimulates thinking to the highest level, for anyone in any position in life.

There are a very few others that are worth receiving directly into my direct email list, but I'll cover those later.  (I have recently shed most of the 50-100 blogs/newsletters/notifications so that I don't waste an ounce of energy or mental space on them and only look at a very, very few now.  While this, of course, increases one's productivity (or decreases the causes of lack of productivity), I attacked it because of the thoughts and strategies that came up while writing The Self Control book, upcoming.)

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