Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Truths Of Life

Written at Mindvalley University: 

I’ve been thinking...the last few days we have received a number of (or at least tried to receive) “truths about life and psychology”.  Clarifying them and tying them down would be a seemingly worthwhile thing to do.  

Hopefully, this discussion piece will help, especially if you choose to “dive deeper” into understanding and implementation.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Awesom venue here in Estonia, plus the surest path to happiness...

Watch this short video to see an incredible space in which we are holding Mindvalley University, where Vishen Lakhiana, CEO and founder, talks of the surest path to happiness:

The Surest Path To Happiness

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Very motivating for stepping up to being who you can be, in an actionable/doable way!

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Pre-note:  Also, consider sending this to someone you know where it could make the crucial difference needed in their lives!!

No matter who you are you should listen to this half hour video at least twice and get really good notes on it and then read the notes daily for 30 days (or however many days you can).  It’ll make a huge difference in your mindset, as it sinks in deeply and raises your life and way of living!

But this video should go viral for certain people (because of its worth, life changing impetus, and who you can truly be if you heed it):  people in college or establishing themselves in the world and/or people who are suffering and complaining about it or complaining about others they believe are causing their suffering and/or people who are not as far along as they feel they should be in their profession or in who they can be.

The title of this video compilation is relevant and true, but it is really about you managing your life in the first place and making the decisions to run you life highly proactively, without any tinge of blame or victimhood, and to step up to who you really, really can be (not through any miracle but through very doable actions!).

Watch When You Feel Like Giving Up - Jordan Peterson (about 33 minutes).

Note to people who are going too slowly at this:  Speed it up and stop “doing it nice and slowly” and feeling you are making progress - if that pace is reasonably predicted to not cause major transformation within a year, you’re going too slowly.  Five years or “sometime in the future” is nowhere near enough to be a true effort, given the extreme value of it!!!


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Friday, June 22, 2018

Never oppose “the person”...ever...ever... but do do useful discussion

It does not pay off ever to oppose another person for his/her opinion (or believed ignorance).  Where are you on the spectrum toward kind, ethics based, rational thinking from cruel opposition?

From the article “Polarized poll: People See Worst In Each Other”, USA Today:

“In the poll, people were asked to tell us why the other side feels the way it does.

What we found: a major disconnect and a mutual tendcy to assume the worst.

That included a volley of insults hurled both directions.  Republican describe Trump’s opponents as lazy, narrow-minded and mired in the status quo; Democrats describe his supporters as racist and stupid.”

Both sides have something in their culture about treating other people kindly and compassionately, yet they fall to the naturally evolved, but primitive, impulse to not think but to immediately label the threatening strange other tribe as “enemies” (in some way).

If we but thought it out clearly and reconciled this with our values, we would conclude the “make wrong” and all that goes with it is just a negative force creating no good and, usually, causing some harm or loss (at least of forward momentum).

I would suggest that people only know what they know, based on what their exposed to mostly, and that they are not “to blame” for knowing no better.

However, one’s life totally shifts when one stops ALL opposition to other people and instead embraces the way of being of cooperation and seeking to find the most good.  And it is the ideas that we should discuss and resolve to create the very best - and never is anybody “wrong” for what they believe.  What one side believes is strictly subject to verification and in order to do that verification of facts is neede but never is it useful to “evilize” the other side.

The only conversation, if you are in the tribe of “what works best”, is to engage in progressive conversation, which are those designed to create better decisions and better results in the world.

And, of course, that means not encouraging or engaging in any such oppositional, “make wrong”, emotional vilification of others.

Where are you on this spectrum?

On the site:  No Negative Conversations.  And, perhaps, The Righteous Unthinking Mind Vs. The Thinking Mind - And The Effect Of Harmful Ignorance.