Saturday, April 22, 2017

Life is easy...if you follow these core basics!!!

No, it is not true that "life is hard", as if that were some fixed or implicit condition of life.

It is one of those conclusions people make without thinking and then they make it the "truth" and pass it on to others, helping to discourage them in life.

In fact, it is absurd in today's modern western world for anyone to stay stuck in a "hard life".

In order not to live a hard life and to in fact go all the way over to the other side - to live an easy, fulfilling, happy life - all one often needs to do is have a little cranial-rectal surgery, see "the light" and then follow the core basics laid out in the "What Makes Life Easy" box on the site page Life Is Easy...If You Follow These Core Basics. (Click on the link...and let me know its effect on your life: Contact.)

Consider starting to follow those core basics.  Start by using the checklist in that box to see if you are doing the core basics that make life easier and which you will start doing - and schedule into your life!!!!

A relatively small amount of easy effort upfront, from now on, will have a huge effect on your life!
(That goes even for retired or "very old" people, as the benefits of using these core basics happen as you go, not 'later" in a pile of end-results!)

This is crucial in your life.  I hope you follow these core basics and create the greatest of lives!


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Friday, April 21, 2017

Inspired by "the message" of "being able to rise up in life..."

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Before the New England Patriots visited President Donald Trump in the White House, quarterback Jacoby Brissett wrote this note.  Regardless of who you are, any political stance, or any circumstances in your life, most everyone would see the inspirational aspect of Obama's Presidency: 

Dear Big O,I am writing you this letter to say thank you. I want to thank you for what you have done for this country – outside of politics. Honestly, I don’t know enough about politics to judge what was good or bad, but I want you to know that when you said “Yes We Can” – a young man dreaming a dream from rough circumstances in Florida heard you. When you were elected President for the first time I was 16 and I watched you make the never-imaginable, attainable and I heard your cry to inspire hope. I used those words as motivation and saw your achievement as an opportunity and permission to work make my dreams come true too. You were the President of the United States – the highest office in the world. You broke a barrier and a stereotype proving not every minority has to use a ball to make a way. You’ve inspired a lifetime of dreamers young and old. Now, kids from my community – and my future children – will know that there is no dream too big – even they could be the President of the United States. As I prepare for the honor of visiting the White House, I will be there as a Super Bowl Champion – and I will think of you, mainly because the White House is a different, and better place because you lived there. I was a kid that came from nothing and I am living out one of the greatest dreams of my life. I am just grateful for the opportunity to walk on the same steps as you did, and to have a platform to inspire and I hope to leave my mark on history the way you did. One day, when I meet you, I will shake your hand and say thank you to your face but until then this kid is going to continue to dream until I can’t anymore. Thank you for blazing a trail, but for more than that, for leaving a paved road behind you for others to climb on.
The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your DREAMS – Oprah
Yes we can!! DREAM BIG!!
Thank you, Jacoby Brissett
P.S Holla at me to help you with your broke jump shot

The sad thing is that many people see themselves as stuck with a particular identity, way of being, as if that were a permanent, branded part of them.  Few people see how they have the basic ability (with the three pound miracle inside of their skull) to learn anything and therefore do anything that anyone else can do, if we learn and do what those people who did it did. Only a self-selected few will do that.  All who succeed will do so through a commitment to learn, learning virtually every day, reading perhaps an hour a day, and spending time finding out how things work, copying what has worked wherever possible (and copying those whose traits and/or success they admire)....

There is virtually no one who cannot build a great life.  But who will step up and do it.  Who will step outside of "well, this is just the way life is"?  I would hope that a few of the people who are reading this blog and The Site will understand the necessity of investing the time needed to create the great life and know they can do it, simply by following the steps.  To the extent I might contribute to that, I am deeply grateful and happier.  

It is remarkable what we can make of life... truly... If we only so choose...

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Greatly admired, but also a great man who had a great life...

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Peter Drucker was the management consultant to the management consultants.  He was one of the true greats.  But people fail to realize that he also was a model of how to live life and a huge model of how to contribute to the world!  

We can learn much from how he lived his life and how he advises that we live our lives.

From the article:  Peter Drucker's Principles For A "Total Life", in quotes, my comments in italics: 

"2. Make time for thinking

Thinking is hard work in our fast-paced society. Break from the daily grind to think about where you are and where you're going. Carve out time for self-reflection, a walk, practicing yoga or meditation, or enjoying nature."

All life successful people spend alot of time thinking, looking at things from a higher perspective, and asking something the equivalent of "how can I make things work better?" and "what problem is there that needs fixing?"  And then they do something about what is needed, immediately, or at least as expeditiously as possible. 
Make yourself "unbusy" and leave yourself lots of time to think (and read and learn) and to make things better, for yourself and others.
"3. Practice "systematic abandonment"

"People are effective because they say no,'" declared Drucker. What he called "systematic abandonment" means stepping back at regular intervals to determine which of your present activities can be scaled back or eliminated. Only then can you make way for something more fruitful."
Warren Buffett's advice is to say "no" to almost everything and "yes" only to the truly outstanding value producing opportunities.  
We can never truly succeed in life if we live the agendas others have for us, for we are doing what serves them, rather than what we choose for ourselves.
Do not even choose things of "medium value" or of "some value", for that is the road to mediocrity, to living a mediocre life. 
"5. Become a mentor

If you've been guided by mentors of your own, pay it back by mentoring others. If not, look for opportunities to both mentor and be mentored."
Helping to change another's life for the better, in some concrete way, rather than do something of "general good", will bring true meaning to one's life.  Don't settle for less...
Peter Drucker was one of the biggest advocates for choosing only the highest payoff activities.  And he mentored some truly great people, including one of my most admired: Frances Hesselbein, one of the greatest contributor of multiple benefits to others.  Born in 1915, she still goes into the "office"...  
It takes no more effort to make great contributions to others and to have a great life than it does to have a lesser life.  Many people think it is harder, but it isn't.  The difference lies in thinking more (reflecting, seeking higher solutions) and in choosing only to do that which is worthy of a great life, dropping all the less valuable and choosing only that which is of the highest value, without compromise.  
We can all live calm, collected, paced, easy, graceful, meaningful lives if we but choose the path of learning how to manage our lives and all that is in it...and to dump all that doesn't fit that... 
(He wrote a classic article for The Harvard Business Review, one that I think everybody should read and follow:  Managing Oneself, the bonus article is by one of my other most admired people.)


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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Reading for quick hits of information, but gaining little true value

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Along the lines of yesterday's post My Biggest Productivity Mistake...Not Sticking To One Thing, one of the biggest errors and mostly wasted time lies in how people read articles and/or books and never really harvest them for the biggest benefit!

Sure, there are many people who stop at the level of "knowing about" something, so that they can recall the idea and perhaps speak knowingly and impressively about it.  But if one looks into their lives, one does not see the actual implementation of what it takes to get the results!

Mission failure!!!!

If our intention is to "get better" or "improve our lives" (or an area of life or work), then we are stopping massively short.  We are not failing to reach our goal out of inability but from just plain old lack of follow-through.

And it is NOT SMART to do something and then not get a result from it (other than maybe a little titillation of hope from the idea of something being better in the future.

Instead, if one really wants to have a good or great life, one would best use the strategy and commitment of doing Productive Reading.  Link to that piece and see if you are, or might better, following all the steps for harvesting your reading!!!!

Heed this and, again, it will make a huge difference in your life!!!!

Or you can be "smarter" in accumulation of used information, continuing to live a version of Groundhog Day (or something short of truly living).