Saturday, March 25, 2017

Use this (updated) Timer Tool Technique for huge benefits!

It is so very easy to ignore "mechanical" ways of getting results and to look for "higher level" solutions.  However, this "mechanical" system is easier to implement and gets much better results than the seemingly "higher level" items.

And our criteria for anything is to get actual results showing up in the real world!

Look again at The Great Timer Tool page to be reminded of the benefits and also to see the updated implementation notes.  

This should be a lifetime practice, as keeping it in place will always produces great value!

Copied from that page:

Benefits And Uses

Reduce/eliminate anxiety for a period of time

  It is a way to "focus" for a period and to not do the "future worry" bad habit.  Read about it to understand it and how it works.

Assure breaks for homeostatic rebalancing (for both energy and "feeling good").

Know that you will be reminded of an appointment!  (Gets it off of your mind.)

Short meditation/breathing/relaxation breaks.

Actually saves time...

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Consider copying one of the greatest and most effective

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A few pieces to read and then a bigger project to consider: 

When Tony Robbins Needs Inspiration, He Turns To These 3 Books - Actually they are about gaining effectiveness in life.  Note the "Living Forward" book...and, for Heaven's sake, implement it completely!!!! 

Tony Robbins: To be truly successful, avoid these 3 mental traps - Amen - You MUST heed these if you are to succeed in life!

 In fact, I would also recommend that you study, to the point of grokking it, his materials and then implement what you find the most vital.  You might want to start from here (on the site):  Tony Robbins - Unusually Powerful If You Really Understand And Use It.  Start, at least, with a full day (or two 1/2 days) to really get into it and then decide to harvest all that is useful, to change your life as you go... 

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

How to always be a "cool character", with power!

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In order to be a "cool" person, you must use the Power Pause so that you are no longer being in the "hot" phase of emotion (known as being in the "monkey mind").

You must memorize this simple, easy to remember sequence to use "in the moment".  You will find this to be incredibly powerful overall in life - and it will be the most used sequence in your life - and have the greatest effect on transforming your life to one of power and feeling great about life.

I added to the original The Power Pause page, a full box showing the full sequence to use - and included links to go to for the steps.

We could rename this, to:  Stop! Breathe! Think! for the "short" pause and then add the rest: "Breathe deeply, hydrate, restore blood sugar stability, energize (rest, move!), solve!

Or the full power process: Short pause - Restore fully! - Think fully!

Here's a copy of what is in the box:


You must know this and have it down cold, immediately accessible as needed!!!!!  This will be your most used sequence in your life (methinks).

Stop (pause)
Breathe deeply (1 to 6 times, depending)
Engage higher brain (normally ask a question, like "what is happening here?" or "what is best to 

(With no extra time available, this is what is used. It is known as "the short pause".  This part of the Restoring Emotional Balance process.).

But the whole process, when there is time, of course, adds on the following steps.:

Assuring fully centered with deep slow breathing.
Hydrating fully
Eating to restore blood sugar (but not spiking it!)
Restoring energy (aka "Energizing")
    Resting (nap, deliberate relaxation sequence, 
       such as body scan or meditation), and/or
    Moving (adequate to generate endorphins or 
       needed hormones to feel better, "wake up"

If it is a problem that needs to be fixed, then the procedure for problem solving, correcting "systems", or for belief processing is engaged in, so that it will not repeat itself over and over and over... (where you'll end up living The Life Of A True Life Champion!).

Follow these sequences often and throughout life for an easier and greater life!

["Simple" but powerful...I hope you use it every chance you get!!!]


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Monday, March 13, 2017

Rating yourself, your life, and all the key practices for a great life...

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I set up a master "Simple Rating Of My Life" form that will allow one to take a higher perspective view of life and happiness AND all the key practices that, if you become skillful at them, will have you living your best possible life.

Try it.  It doesn't take hardly any time to rate each of them, but, if you decide to look at where you'd rather have your rating level, this could change your life.

It has built into it the links to the understanding needed in each and how to actually do/implement them.

The link to the form:  Simple Rating Of My Life

(Of course, any feedback/suggestions is more than welcome, as I want this to be an effective (results producting) tool!  Contact.)

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