Friday, June 14, 2019

There is no real success when you leave “the completion gap” in your “plan”!!!!!

Besides having done Lifebook myself, I have reviewed other people’s LifePlan and noticed that the broad outline, goals, and strategies were included for each area but that a completion of the steps that must be taken to get the results was missing.

This is what it looks like in a cause-effect chain:  (Duh!)

       Plan written overall —>     Big gap, no detailed steps —>    No results

Of course “no results” (or not “completing the gap from where one starts to the result wanted) is a sure indicator that a plan is not complete and/or the steps are not scheduled and followed up on.

Will you choose to do all the steps necessary, not stopping until you get the results?

Will you go back to your dust gathering LifePlan and “complete” it (meaning do what you did it for in the first place: to actually get results, as a LifePlan is not a true end result in itself!)?

Here’s a copy of what I posted for those attending Mindvalley University:

Missing link:  Implementation Plan Details!

Robin Ann Juhasz is taking the Lifebook Mastery course online, so that implementation is much more likely to happen.

If you take the Lifebook Mastery Live in Pula, you can complete this as an intensive!  And you can (and very much should) get an accountability partner - a key factor identified in the success of many individuals!

In any event, please DO a complete followup, or, as Jon puts it: 

                             “The Secret To Achieving Success

Jon has noticed over the years that when people do Lifebook, they set their goals but then fall into problems with the implementation part. And we’re sure this is something everyone can relate to. Somehow, the initial excitement doesn’t translate into solid daily action.

So Jon decided to create an unprecedented long-term program that ensures people who do Lifebook achieve all of their goals – in the fastest time possible. It starts with the 2-day intensive to set you up for success, then ongoing support for the whole year.”

What do you do if you don’t get the results you want?

If you have any undesired results in your life and you leave them there, you are not living life the right, workable way.  Just follow the process, without any excuses or blame of other people or circumstances: (Duh!)
Procedure if not get the results you want:
1. Determine what you do want.
2. Reverse engineer: go back to see what step(s) didn’t work
3. Complete the system that works (or arrive at conclusion that it is unworkable and stop there!)
4. Implement 
5. Measure 
6.  Adapt/correct if needed, by going back to #1.
You do not get to use the cop out that you are incompetent or that something is inherently wrong with you.  You simply just do the process.  If something is not possible, you find that out, but you do NOT stop until completely finished, where there is no more to do, period. 
IF you are not getting the results you want anywhere, it’s simply because you were not doing the steps that any sane person who wants results must do.  Yes, it can be complicated but you keep on going. asking advice if needed, but NEVER STOPPING before the final step!!!!!
What have you not done this process on that you should?  
If you haven’t got the point yet, and you have any unfixed dysfunctional systems/problems, you should do the following immediately: 
List the places you are not getting your results in and then put them in priority order and correct the processes!!!!