Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Use this great tool to immediately see the principles that fit your situation.

 As a free benefit, billionaire Ray Dalio offers a free app where you can access at any time the key principles relevant to situations in your life - so you won’t have to figure that out for yourself.  His book Principles - Life And Work is a seminal work - and you can master access to life principles any time you wish, via this easy app: The Principles Coach (link to it from the link below).

 [This will add to the capability and capacity of your Second Brain!!!  See the brief definition “What Is Your Second Brain?”]

Principles Coaching

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Why You Think You’re Right - Even If You’re Wrong

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When we get over this, we find life and our decisions become much, much better.

Why You Think You’re Right - Even If You’re Wrong, Julia Galef (video, 11:43)

Though few who are so committed to being right will actually read this, Michael Shermer discusses it and 
makes it so utterly clear in his book, which I’ve summarized at several levels on my site; here’s the basic summary.:


Are you a victim of this?  

It is interesting to look at people who are on the extremes and justify false conclusions, but ones that can negatively affect the world.   Other than probably not having a bad intent, if they cause deaths are they different than the ignorant intentional killers in terms of their results???  In the real world, it is always the actual results we look to for evaluating an action.  See: Ethics Vs. Morality... which is more valid?...

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Pure motivation is vital to life, but we won't find it unless we create it...

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This is vital to life, yet we leave it up to circumstances or other people to do it, when, in fact, we can create it ourselves, removing all the barriers and conflicts.  

If you're stuck, here's how to get unstuck...

I lack motivation...please fix it for me...I can't...

This will forever transform your life...


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