Monday, May 22, 2017

Is the website available in a guide or workbook format?

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Comment posted on the blog:

Is your program available in a guide or workbook format? I have tried accessing your website, but it drives me nuts because, for me, there is no flow to it.


A good question, for sure, and a valid observation.

The answer is: not currently, but one fellow who is a psychologist suggested that the pages could be copied into a pdf document.  I have been aware of the difficulty of "reading" a website plus how difficult it is for people to make decisions on what to read next, as the links will take people hither and thither.

So, I have been putting together "reading lists" in the form where they are either on a page where the pieces are linked as if in a book or in a sequence of basic reading listed in a page on subtopics that is called a "contents, links" page on a subject.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The shortness of life, but art thou squandering even a piece of it?

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I would suggest you read this, and then put into your morning launch routine something life:  "I behold this day most precious.  I know my time here is limited.  I will spend it only on the most valuable, and not squander it!'  "I am the master of my day, no one else, nothing else."  (Although some people look down at affirmations, we must be saying these to ourselves somehow - and it is wonderful if it is already "built in".)

I think this is the most important thing a person can know, and practice.

The link is to an Evernote, so it contains bolding by me, with a few notes:

The Shortness of Life: Seneca on Busyness and the Art of Living Wide Rather Than Living Long – Brain Pickings


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     Fwd: Farnam Street: Seneca on The Shortness of Time

    Too Busy to Pay Attention to Life

    How to Live on 24 Hours a Day: Arnold Bennett on Living a Meaningful Life Within the      Constraints of Time

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Choice: Live in "hurry up", "busy", "frazzled" mode or choose a better life by...

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I like the excerpt following the brilliant two paths choice, as it nailed the spiraling self-perpetuating circle that goes nowhere in life.   

The principle is between two paths:

       Here  →     Too busy, no progress          →   Survival mode, frazzled

       Here  →    Intervene to upgrade life   →  Happiness, quality time mode

Are you choosing to get wiser or just to "get on"?


Friday, May 19, 2017

DO Pursue Happiness Directly!

One of the statements that struck me as being unsmart advice was/is:  "You can't pursue happiness directly.  It must come indirectly." Or something similar to that in concept.

Nonsense!!!!  Bounderdash!!!!  Not deep enough thinking!!!!

The advice would seem to steer us toward doing some things not for the sake of happiness but which will lead us unthinkingly toward getting the gift of happiness as a byproduct.

The problem with that reasoning is that it contradicts itself, in that we are ultimately actually using it as a device to gain happiness, at least implicitly.  It is presented as a reason or "means to" being happier.  If you do this "for its own sake", then you will be happier.  If you "do this, then you will get that result"...

By all means, identify the full causal chain for happiness and then go about doing all those things that create your happiness - do it on purpose, well-planned, and well-directed. Don't buy into "randomity" or "somehow it will all work out" or "if you do what society/culture/religion/groupthink says, then you will be happy as a byproduct".  

Use the tools on the site:

The Happiness Creators - Taking Care Of This Half Of The Equation

Explore this:  Happiness - Contents, Links and decide what to do to guarantee yourself the happiness you can have IF you learn how things work and how to work them...and then work them, using very, very doable actions, as specified on the site.

Most people visiting the site are pretty well off in life, but almost all want to be happier.  People you know and care about may wish to focus on this for their benefit.  If you share this with them, then they can make the choice.  Just click on the little white envelope right below this post to share it.