Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nutrition/Energy - Putting The Odds In Your Favor - In Order Of Importance

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You can do alot of research and try a lot of things and still feel you are nowhere.

So I wrote this (for myself, too) as a quick and easy (or easier) way to gain great health and energy.

So many people keep on violating the rules and principles.  While I don't get bogged down in those, or in stories, all of what is recommended follows the rules and principles.  Plus there are a few vital links to sources and an excellent book.

Read Nutrition/Energy - Putting The Odds In Your Favor - In Order Of Importance - If you do the top items you'll be getting most of the benefits...

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Domesticating, directing, and controlling emotions...the only way to a great life!

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This is an email from best selling "guru" Ryan Holiday that I thought was worthwhile passing on, as something, when you get a chance (or tickle to listen to later) and enough time, that would be well worth your knowing.

"Kevin Rose, who we’ve previously interviewed for the Daily Stoic, recently recorded a podcast with Ryan about Stoicism and asked the understandable question about the consequences of suppressing one’s emotions. He also wondered what the Stoics would think about the idea of ‘blowing off steam?’ You can listen to the whole interview, but here is the excerpt that answers Kevin's question.
“There is a quote from Nassim Taleb, who is a fan of the Stoics, and it’s a great line. He is saying Stoicism is not the absence of emotions, but the domestication of them. It’s not about suppressing them, it's about controlling and directing them. The question would be: Is venting at someone you care about a good way to let off steam or emotions? Or is it better to do it working out or writing it down?
If Lincoln was really upset at someone, he would write them a long letter explaining exactly why he was upset, what they did wrong, what he wants to do about it, and then he’d put those letters in a drawer and then never send them. He's not bottling it up but what he's not doing is fooling himself that telling someone how angry he is with them is changing the situation at all. Because in reality that’s often making it worse. It’s the anger that creates resentment on the other end. Now that person is angry that you're angry and it creates this whole sort of explosion. I think what the Stoics are doing is, they are not saying ‘don't have any emotions.’ They're saying: Use your emotions productively and don't be whipped around by them. Don't be led by them. You should lead your emotions.”
[Try the introduction, below.]
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Top 7 Life Hacks from the New Science of Happiness webinar (No cost)

Consider this (no cost) from a very qualified professor on the subject:

"Top 7 Life Hacks from the New Science of Happiness webinar.

You can click right here to register for that now."

Also, consider that an organized approach to learning a subject, with a disciplined program (i.e. Implementation exercises along the way), is 10-100X (times) more powerful than the piecemeal way of learning in life that most of us do....

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Your Very Top Priority In Life Is This...

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Is it not preposterous to leave things in place that harm your life and happiness???!!!!!???


___ I acknowledge that my "programming" can only consist of what I've been exposed to or concluded at an early unknowledgeable stage, plus instinctual programming mostly from evolution and vastly outdated.


___ Knowing that, I have updated ALL of my bad programming with valid effective programming, so that my mind is freed up to really gather the very best of life.

___ I haven't done this but a little, sporadically without completing hardly any of them.


___ I choose to let these be left in place, as it is "easier", although they surely make my life unpleasant at times.

___ I choose, no matter what, to completely revamp this operating system so that I can live my best life.

___ Maybe I'll do a few more things about this...


Begin to list all of my negative-effects beliefs and to follow this path all the way to the end(!): The Program For Learning And Mastering Emotional Management - The Most Vital Of All!  (Includes inside it the belief changing process, which you can choose to jump to right away to take a first crack at a few big beliefs of yours and then return to complete the path.)


Go to the best experts with a program already set up:  The Hoffman Institute week long retreat with full guidance.

Creating your own will not work.  Start off with others' well thought out processes.


"Stop being an idiot about this.  How stoooooopid is it to keep believeing such nonsense and then to run your life from that!!!  It seems, logically, that you would end up with a nonsense life!"


"Notice that, even if you live the best life in terms of activities, you cannot possibly be truly happy if your mind is still coughing up that which creates agitation of the mind, worry, invalidation, pressure, anxiety, etc. and etc. (including all of the destructive emotions).  It is not optional but it is imperative that you clean up all of the mess and get a belief system full of magnificent, and true, beliefs that pave your path to true, deep, enduring happiness."

                                                      The BuddhaKahuna

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If you will pledge to take this on, please let me know.  And when you've made progress on it, please let me know (so that I can share with others also) what you feel you got out of it and how you experience life at this new level.  Contact.