Wednesday, February 19, 2020

You must zero out cortisol and breathe to stop stress! A huge reminder!

Everybody “knows” that you should breathe to reduce stress,  but few practice it!!!!1

Watch this for a better understanding:

Stress: the mechanics and the effect of (6 min)

Almost everyone who understands the reason for doing The Power Pause don’t actually practice it as the primary effective behavior for making life work better.  Maybe we should change the name to The RePower Pause.

Your standard for each day should be to not allow excess cortisol at all!!!!!!

You should become a master at understanding the false causes of stress and cut them off at the “cure” level, never leaving them in place to keep on re-triggering the stress.  It is a poor choice to leave any of those stress causes not understood and not cured!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wisdom from the proven wisest - likely to be of benefit!

This type of thinking is good for everybody...

I copied this post from facebook:

Sometimes your stagnation is the result of a mistake: You didn’t negotiate a deal in the best way and you can’t stop mentally kicking yourself about it.

You’re not alone. And it’s okay to look for advice!

We can all benefit from the wisdom and experience of someone who has successfully overcome and is thriving.

I have been that person for many top-tier leaders over the years.

Here’s what renowned author, businessman, and speaker, Stephen Covey had to say about working with me:

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