Sunday, October 13, 2019

A great personality test along with guidance and fitting to a choice of types of jobs to fit you

I just finished talking to an executive who derived great benefit from taking the test I suggested he might consider.

He not only derived more insight to who he is but also greater understanding of what career/business he was most suitable.  Getting to know more what fit his personality was invaluable. 

He recommends you take the "full test" (about $60 or so).  He loved the in-depth guidance that was included with it, including questions and planning for what he might do.

The site (which I have no connection with) is:

Many people take tests and then do little with them, but this will take you all the way up and over the hill, with its substantial followup materials.

(My write up on the site, under Choosing A Career Or Business is:  What Shall I Do? - A Packet To Forward My Search.)

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Reading widely and being creative in creating the best career for you

If you’re “older” (over 35) and you are seeking the best career for yourself or in “job transition” (currently an unemployed “consultant”), then, methinks, it is best to start your new search by being creative from the highest perspective first.

That means you would use the classic What Color Is Your Parachute? book for sure, but that you would read the HBR Guide To Changing Your Career - Stop Settling, Explore Possibilities, And Make The Switch.

Yes, it is a compilation of inch-deep articles by knowledgeable individuals, but it is also a beginning for a roadmap that can be constructed more deeply by following the authors “down the rabbit hole” to more depth - perhaps to books, perhaps to more in-depth articles, and perhaps even to courses or workshops by them, perhaps to...

For instance, from Brian Fetherstonhaugh’s short article, you would consider his book The Lonfg View: Career Strategies to Start Strong, Read High, And Go Far (he is global chief talent officer of the Ogilvy Group.). Or Bill Barnett’s book The Strategic Career: Let Business Principles Guide You.

It is true that this will require you to sift through and to be willing to jump into the confusion of too many concepts and how to apply them - but isn’t that the very talent you are selling to your employer: to talk all the disparate facts out there and to put them together in an organized manner into strategies that work (and being willing to be in ambiguity land and vagueness, persisting all the way through to where it begins to make sense and then on to creating something of value from it all?

Friday, October 11, 2019

Follow the wisdom in “letters to my younger self”....

“So you probably aren’t ready for some of the things I’m about to tell you. But if you want to avoid some of the pitfalls ahead and ultimately become a successful person — someone who creates positive change in his life and the world — it all starts right here with what I’m about to tell you.”

So begins one of the Letters To My Younger Self in The Players Tribune (professional athletes), but as looking back and seeing what would have been best to do, we all can benefit from this and avoiding the same mistakes.  (Yes, you’ll have to convert this from sports to whatever world you live in, but I’m sure you can gain much insight about what to do and what not to do.

And another letter to my younger self.

Now, enter that term into the search engine in your browser.  Then you can mine these articles and books for pure gold (and/or give it to someone younger who has not made the mistakes).
And, if you’re the younger person, perhaps you can live a whole new life without the mistakes you would have made otherwise.

Who knows?

Perhaps, I’ll do a complication of the advice from others.  Or maybe one of you will (and then let me know about it and maybe even allow me to read it).  

Yes, truly hindsight is 100%, while foresight does not fare well, but perhaps others’ hindsight will help your foresight such that it will change your life dramatically.  

Thursday, October 10, 2019

This is how to make progress every day.....

From one of the greatest writers about human behavior and psychology, Daniel Pink, is someone who is good to follow.  He has a little minute or so “Pinkcast” which is good.  Here’s a sample one, with a great topic to make sure you include in your permanent practices!