Saturday, August 10, 2019

Complete your lifeplan by assuring full implementation and results!

Written to the Mindvalley Community: 

One of the things I’ve noticed is the tendency to want to “get thru” a course or quest, as if that was a true finishing of the course.   Particularly, I’ve noticed several people who have rushed through the Lifebook quest in order to get the refund/reward back for completion.

But I would propose that one of THE most important, impactful things you can do is to at least go back and complete the initial Lifebook plan AND then do the Lifebook Mastery implementation quest as that is the point of the whole thing - to drive through until one gets the desired results and really lives into their life vision!  

It is about results, not just “activity” or dreaming.

Along those lines, it makes sense to do their monthly “deep dive” into each area of life, so that one more fully understands and thinks about how to get the results in each area at a better, higher level.

I ask you “what could be more valuable than following through on those?”

(I’ve devised in my own writings several approaches to planning and productivity, as before this I could find no good resource out there.  Jon and Missy’s Lifebook process is one I have full confidence in (having done it years before they hooked up to MV).  I believe it is an essential course(s) to take for everyone!). [I am not compensated at all for this.]

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