Monday, September 2, 2019

A very credible teacher on the science of well-being - for free

Yale’s most popular class ever, with 1/4 of students enrolled in it, was on happiness.  Unfortunately, the course will only be a one time thing...

But the professor decided to set up a free course on Coursera.

The class actually starts today, though I think you can still sign up for it later.

While I haven’t taken this new class, it meets the criteria of having an expert, who is also likely to go deeper and have a presentation that is more effective in terms of real results in life.

The Science Of Well-Being

(I signed up to review it even though I probably know most of it.  But I want to find an effective presenter and course to recommend on my site and in my upcoming book, which is committed to using the best resources possible to supplement my learnings.  Sign up for the email list if you want to be notified.  If on a phone, switch to the “web version” to see the sign in box.)

See also 5 free meditation apps worthy of your attention.

ReWi App, provided for free, to track the behaviors:  ReWi App Instructions.

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