Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Why “creative people” often don’t do well in life...and how they can be effective

Here’s the reason why “creative” people often don’t do well in life and the way a creative can be much more effective in life:

“If creativity is connecting unlikely ideas in novel ways, follow a structured approach to it can feel contradictory or even wounterproductive.  You can’t put borders around spontaneity!  Making an actual plan for how you’re going to be creative can feel just plain wrong.  But by developing basic strategies, systems, and frameworks to support your output, you’ll relieve yourself of the burden of waiting around for lightning to strike.  In the process, you’ll become much more effective. Trust me - I wish I’d learned this sooner.”

So says a master creator in the book Creative Calling. 

Consider it.  (If you want to follow up read the book but also read the intro piece on my site: 
Systems - The Core Of Life And Getting Results.)

Of course, if you want to be a successful creative, must reads are Pressfield’s The Art Of War and also Do The Work and then Turning Pro - be an expert in how to make yourself successful if you are a creative (but I think this applies to us all! 

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