Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Start doubting your doubts...

Although readers of this blog tend to be very well grounded, I think that we all need to do what is workable toward rebalancing our viewpoints about life.

So, what would you do with this?  If you feel scared or “in doubt” or highly uncertain, you might actually list out all your doubts in one massive cathartic effort on a sheet or two of paper.

And, then, what would you do?

You’d do as we do with any beliefs (yes, these are all beliefs, in the form of projection of the future), process them fully, using one of the beliefs forms on the site or simply doing the simple strategy of directly confronting the selected belief and asking the standard questions to actually test it for its veracity, as if you were using the Scientific Method.  And then you’d restate what is the truth and/or put in a statement from your higher brain (aka “higher self”) of what is actually true, with perhaps a supportive, compassionate statement toward your “little self” (aka lower, survival-based brain).

One of the benefits of that exercise is that you can permanently uplift your philosophy of life to what is more true and empowering.  And it is a good idea to install the new belief permanently by repeating it a number of times a day until you have it so memorized (in your lower brain) that it automatically comes up whenever needed - and benefits your state of being and your life!

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