Saturday, October 24, 2020

Do this to unravel the mind’s chaos and master your emotions...!!!!!

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A core goal of this site is to unravel the confusion and chaos of the mind, moving from vagueness and lack of control to clarity and insight and eventually to mastery.

To do the unraveling, we might well use “philosophical meditation” (or simply “introspection” into what and how we think).  In that process, we set aside the time to identify and figure out what is actually going on.  What is going on in our brain, our emotions, and our thinking. And how might we better it.

A very good, though lengthy, discussion of this goes on in this piece from The School Of Life:

Philosophical Meditation: An Emotional Skill

This will give you greater insight on the process and how, if we persist (and don’t make the common mistake of “stopping short”!), we will attain an understanding and a mastery that will transform our lives forever...IF we do “the work”!

This discussion also contains some valuable exercises that I recommend you include in your tool kit for managing your life. Do those, or at least try them for the next 7 days (or 7 sessions), and see how it works.

(If you don’t have time now to do this, put it on your to do list or schedule!)

And please, do let me know the results, insights, and the effects on your thinking and beliefs and emotions... Contact


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