Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hang around in the minds of those who are successful

You can live life with the same old thoughts, and go nowhere new.

You can hang around with other aspires, who are trying to figure out how to be successful.

Or you can spend a lot of time in the minds of the successful.  If you find out how they think and the details of what they did, you will be able to do what they did.

For instance, I follow the blogs of several super successes who share themselves freely:

Bill Gates Notes

Richard Branson’s Blog

These will at least expand and enhance your thinking, and your life....

Essentially, this is the equivalent of upgrading the people you associate with in life....


Reading these tends to take one out of the life of wondering whether people approve of us or being concerned about how fat we look (victim thinking), into the thinking of being a creator, a generator of life...

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