Thursday, September 5, 2019

Creating your leader's "user's" manual about you - WARNING!

In business and in life, you might want to heed this warning!
Leaders need “User Manuals” – and what I learned by writing mine

It makes no sense to operate complex machinery like your brain and your body or the productivity
of your actions without a user’s manual, yet we consistently do that. And get the not so good
consequences from that, or the lack of desired results that we could otherwise get. 

Abby Falik writes about the idea of giving a user's manual to your employees about how to use
and work with you, as it saves a huge amount of learning time. “Leader’s Need User’s Manuals”.

But then she takes and applies that concept to her life.  

I'd recommend highly, highly, and highly that you develop your own life user's manual.  See
The Life Operating Manual.

If you were a highly proactive learning and creator, and you were interested in this idea, you would:

Put this in your task manager inbox (and then assign it later), describing what to do and what
the subject is - and you’d attach the link to the article, post or document (copying the links from
above or, in the case of a post you’d click on the title of the post and then copy from the address
bar at the top).

If you are not a proactive learning and creator, you might file it away in your brain to be lost
forever, having created  no, or close to zero, value - and likely having wasted your time.  

See the place where you’d put all of this:  How To Set Up The Second Brain.    

Of course, you’d estimate the number of hours this might take to master, and if it’s worth it, you
would schedule and spend the time!!!!!  After all, you are interested in long term build that will
elevate your life one part at a time...

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