Wednesday, September 4, 2019

From a member post on Farnam Street:

"After reading Meditations by Aurelius and Ray Dalio’s book Principles, I became interested in developing a set of my own life-long personal principles that will help guide my life."

The discussion then went to methods and systems on how to assure the principles and rules are followed.  

Here's my two cents on this: 

Yes, it is great to identify the principles (and rules as you’ve mentioned). I put mine on my site, linked from Values, Standards, And Rules Contents, Links and linked from The Principles And Laws Of Life.

However, per our old 80/20 Rule, I take these and sort and prioritize through them and track or review only the top 10-12. These are translated, most often, into habits/practices and I use the “absolutely necessary for a lifetime” My “Life+” Daily Habits Accountability Worksheet to assure implementation (aided by our good old key principle for life: accountability!

I would recommend reviewing the principles during your 90 day planning process, with it listed on the checklist for the 90 day plan.

Great topic for discussion!

Keith D. Garrick

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