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This is an excerpt from Smart, Directed, Effective, Proactive  Learning - Using "Results Learning" To Create The Life You Love, which is essentially a 50 page “course” to master learning for the greatest boost in your life!

When you are ready to tackle that, do so.  Meanwhile, as a proactive learner (if you decide to be one), you should scan that piece, potentially getting a few things you can easily include in your life right now, in order to “up” your learning a few levels. 


The Proactive Learner is one who makes sure he does what it takes to completely learn what is needed AND to implement it for RESULTS!  He will initiate and drive the process forward, regardless of whether or not his resources/coaches provide all of what is needed.  (He is proactive, not at all passive, and is self-determined.)

If the information he is learning does not provide a clear path or there is something missing, he proactively finds what is needed and/or he sets up his own learning plan/success-path to follow to assure that he gets where he wants to go!!!!  

He/she determines where all the needs for learning are, prioritizes them, and sets up the plan that will work to close the gaps. (He does not depend on, nor blame, anyone else to provide the answers and/or motivation for him.)

As a result, he is massively more productive than the usual “passive, maybe I’ll learn something” reader (or seminar attendee), where things go into the head and right through it with little retained and almost always no results.  He does not read non-fiction books or articles for “entertainment”, but reads them for value derived from them!

You can “jump” to a level closer to how a results learner performs, simply by using this form to guide you:  The Learning Plan Form.  You will gradually learn better and better how to do this - and it will massively improve your life


Keith D. Garrick

Of The Life Management Alliance

(A pay-it-forward, never-a-cost endeavor to dramatically improve people’s lives)

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