Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Gain empathy, first, before communicating or trying to persuade...

 The following is an email sent to a friend who was trying to convince his mother not to be afraid of doing "personal development work".  He noted that "she just has barriers and is so unenlightened".  While it is true that both sides of a communication are 100% responsible, one only controls one's own side of that and should not stop at the other person not doing his/her (expected) part.

"When we have so much at stake (at least in our minds), we tend not to communicate to, or persuade, others well, as there is a "wall" of lack of understanding and empathy...  Fixing that is the first thing to do to be adequately prepared for successfully communicating...

"We tend to deal with other people, and indeed even try to persuade them, without actually taking the time to fully understand them and to be able to have compassion with them.  We don’t take the time to go deeper, which would enable us to have a better “connection” with them and to communicate much, much more deeply and successfully."   




Keith D. Garrick

Of The Life Management Alliance

(A pay-it-forward, never-a-cost endeavor to dramatically improve people’s lives)

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